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College football is the second tier of American football. Student athletes from America and Canada compete with enthusiasm and energy. There is more fun than professional football and is more loved by the fans in some states. College football has been played from early as 1820s. Princeton, Havard and Dartmouth had their own versions of the game. Due to the physical nature of the game, violence has shaped its history. Yale banned the play of football in 1860 owing to mob-style matches.

NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association

Increasing frequency of these violent episodes led to the formation of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 1910. Rules from NCAA were adopted into the NFL eventually with minor tweaks.

To promote fair competition, a divisional system is followed in the NCAA. Division I contain major collegiate athletic powers, the college football playoff is played in this division. These institutions provide more athletic scholarships and have special facilities within their campus. Smaller public and private institutions that offer fewer scholarships play in the Division II. Institutions which do not offer any scholarships compete in the Division III.

College Football Playoff

Hesitations to unite College football delayed the process of an ultimate championship tournament. College Football Playoff fulfilled that when it was inaugurated in 2014. Bowl Championship Series, Bowl Alliance and Bowl Coalition were the arrangements which existed before College Football Playoff.

College Football Playoff consists of three games, two semi-finals between the top four teams in the Division I and a final between the winners of the semi-finals. Alabama and Clemson are the two sides who have been more successful since 2014.

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