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Schedule of CFL - Canadian Football League

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Canadian Football League is one of the few sports leagues operating from Canada. Summer and Fall are covered with the cadence in the field. Each year, chunks of first snow ends the league. The Grey Cup championship unfolds in late November.

Format & History

Nine teams compete in the league. Every one of them carries a rich lineage and heritage behind. The league is divided into two divisions, East and West. The West contains five teams which gives a slight advantage to the East. The Westerners have the oldest two teams, Toronto Argonauts and Ottawa Red Blacks. Ottawa have changed their names a few times in the past but the Argonauts have been the same since their foundation in 1873.

Post season will feature six teams playing in a single elimination playoff tournament. Edmonton Elks are the team with the highest number of Grey Cup wins. Ottawa, despite their long lineage, have won just six times including the times when they operated under different names. Toronto Argonauts is the most successive team. They have won seven times from the ten final appearances. Considering the era before and CFL now, Winnipeg Blue Bombers have appeared in 25 finals and Argonauts have the greatest number of championships, 17.

Rule differences from NFL

Like their American counterpart, NFL, CFL has a huge set of rules. Some of the rules are distinctive than NFL. The playing field is in itself larger in CFL. The Canadian fields are 20 yards longer at each endzone and the goalpost is present at the front goal line. And they are 65 yards in width compared to 53 in NFL.

Canadian football has 12 players per side at any time on the field. Defensive players are lined up one yard away from the line of scrimmage and the offense has just three downs to make 10 yards. The time to play the ball is only 20 seconds in Canadian football. A rouge or single is a typical rule of Canadian football where a team gets one point even if a field goal is missed but the ball clears the endzone. A missed goal is live in CFL and the opposing game can continue play. Canadian football is more fast paced and offensive than NFL. Several other rules favour the offense in CFL.

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