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The history of Football in Europe and Rugby are intertwined. American football has its origins in early versions of these two sports. While the debate for the name 'football' is still going on, Rugby and Football appears the same for an outsider. Still, there are peculiar differences between the two.

Walter Camp, a Yale University athlete and coach, is the "Father of American Football." He dictated upon the significant rule changes which led to the development of American football. However, the sport was largely unorganized until the 19th century. Intercollegiate football was the major turning point, it was developed in several stages throughout history.

NFL - National Football League

Parallelly, NFL was going through its early evolution. American Professional Football Association (APFA) was founded in 1920, there were 14 teams in the Association. Ten years after, the growth of NFL became unstoppable. Disputes among the league led to the formation of rival American Football League, in 1959. Eventually, the two leagues came to an agreement and formed a common season-ending championship game, the Super Bowl. In 1970, the two leagues merged together. Few of the legends are Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, Jim Brown and Walter Payton.

CFL - Canadian Football League

Canadian Football has its own line of history branched from Rugby. The rules of Canadian football are slightly different from the American football and the pitch dimensions are also different. The league consists of nine teams, divided into two divisions the East and the West. Each year, the winner of the league is awarded the Grey Cup.

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